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After years in which companies have attracted attention because of their greenwashing – often clumsily executed – there is now a need for projects that talk about sustainability in a broader sense, that are tangible and that have value.


A project of social and environmental sustainability, an issue that is increasingly important for companies and that is both a necessity and an opportunity.

A project of social and environmental sustainability, an issue that is increasingly important for companies and that is both a necessity and an opportunity.
Starting with social issues: the new Multidimensional Poverty Index report shows that India has brought 415 million people out of poverty in fifteen years, yet unfortunately it still is the country with the largest number of people living under the poverty level in the world (228.9 million).
Moving on to environmental concerns: according to UN Environment research, every year around three hundred million tonnes of plastic are produced, half of which are designed for single use before ending up in the environment. It is a cycle that between production and incineration creates millions of tonnes of CO2 every year. UNESCO provides alarming figures on the Ocean Literacy Portal: plastic waste makes up 80% of marine pollution, and around 8-10 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year. Currently the oceans contain around 50-75 trillion pieces of plastic and micro-plastic. By 2050, the amount of plastic will probably outweigh all of the fish in the ocean.
REBRAIN INDIA is a virtuous supply chain, from collection to final product. It is entirely Ocean Bound Plastic certified.

The Fair Contest

This competition has five winning ingredients: a big sponsor, the region, local-level champions, a large audience and a lot of entertainment.

“The Fair Contest” is a competition that was created to highlight local organisations that have a positive impact on the environment and on society: small and medium size companies, start-ups and university spin-offs, ONGs but also individuals with stories of humanity and commitment to the community which can become best practices.
It is a competition that follows a charitable approach and which celebrates and rewards sustainable innovation. 
A big call for ideas. 
A showcase where sustainable innovators will be called upon to tell their story, opening up to products and companies. 
A large live show which has the aim of entertaining, educating and inspiring the public.
Prizes are awarded by the sponsor company, which itself gain from The Fair Contest:

  1. the opportunity to spread positive examples across the local region, drawing the public’s attention the most deserving local stories, products and companies;
  2. coverage in the national and local press, and social media;
  3. the merit of having supported the winners through prizes and concrete incentives, and helping them to do (better) what they are already doing.

Progetto Integro

Progetto Integro (“full project”) introduces people who are at risk of social exclusion into the world of work.
And it will be you who takes them on.

“Progetto Integro” starts from welcome centres, from ports, from transit and border areas, from disadvantaged areas, and from prisons and rehabilitation communities. It is a project that focusses on integration and integrity but, most of all, on social inclusion. 
Thanks to its collaboration with the school of languages and Italian culture at the Community of Sant’Egidio, “Progetto Integro” helps people at risk of exclusion to integrate in the fabric of Italian society, to understand its roots and rules, and bridging the socio-cultural gap which divides those who arrive from those who receive them.
It will be companies themselves which adopt the project, making themselves available to first train and then take on people who are at risk of marginalisation.

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