The Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is plastic waste defined as “at risk of ending up in the sea”. It is estimated that OBP makes up 80% of marine refuse. The Ocean Bound Plastic Certification Program has been created to encourage the removal of this waste from within 50 km of the coasts, thus preventing it from ending up in the sea.

Zero Plastic Oceans is the ONG which has created the Ocean Bound Plastic certification, which identifies plastic waste and plastic that has been properly handled, providing a complete and transparent vision of the how waste ends up.



The Prameya Foundation will involve disadvantaged communities in a project to gather plastic waste that will be held at a collection centre in the Sundarabans area. The Prameya Foundation – which has been involved since 2016 in issues such as community education, green economy initiatives and climate advocacy – is a non-profit Indian organisation that deals with environmental conservation and rural development, created to tackle the effects of climate change on the most vulnerable ecosystems.


With a local partner we will build a second collection centre in the South-Gujarat region nearby to Surat city, where the plastic waste will be turned into PET Flakes, r-PET food-grade Pellets, r-PET Yarns & Fibres, Recycled Fabrics, and r-PET Ropes as well.


The design department at Rebrain will also be able to support clients in the creative development of various kinds of products, gifts and gadgets.


We will turn flakes, pellets and yarn into a finished product for a wide range of uses: from fashion to merchandising, from packaging to toys.


Rebrain will promote the project around the world, taking part in international trade fairs – showing the entire supply chain – and using existing sales channels, supplying the sector with B2B flakes, pellets (available from 2024), wires and final products.

Clients will be able to take advantage of the entire supply chain, or just of individual parts, according to requirements.

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