TED is a global community dedicated to ideas that deserve to be spread. TED, in accordance with its mission, has launched the TEDx: programme, a series of local events that have been organised independently and which are aimed at bringing together people for an experience that is similar to TED by continuing to promote and share innovative ideas and experiences at a local level.

Since 2014, TEDxRoma, which was created under licence from the US non-profit TED, encourages and supports the spread of brilliant, innovative and creative ideas to stimulate the change, offering the public the chance to listen live to contributions from speakers from all over the world, that helps generate a continuous exchange of ideas and a strong connection between participants. And when you talk about change, it’s impossible to not talk about sustainability.

A new partnership, created with the 2023 edition, which has seen the arrival of Rebrain as a partner in-kind of TEDxRoma to put forward new ideas on the use of sustainable materials within the event and to tackle issues arising from emissions. Those are just the first steps in a larger project whose goal is to contribute to the spread of sustainable values for a better planet


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