Videocittà isn’t just a festival, but an open and innovative platform that can discover and make known the transformative realities of moving imagines and promote the excellence of the audiovisual production and employment chain. Created by Francesco Rutelli and directed by Francesco Dobrovich, Videocittà provides a wide and mixed audience with a visionary look on the various disciplines and expressions of moving images through the use of projections, AV performances, training and educational talks, large-scale installations, videomapping and video art.

A multi-format programme with events designed for a target market of young people and adults who during the 2022 edition have decided to include issues linked to sustainability together with Rebrain.

This led to the creation of Plastica Preziosa, (“valuable plastic”) a project made in partnership with Explora and Corepla: an invitation to festival participants to sort water bottle tops into the right containers inside the kids area in the G2 section of the “small gasometer” where the Explora workers led children on a journey in which the tops were turned first into plastic flakes, and then into 3D printing filament, to produce gadgets commemorating the event in real time. It is an educational project to show how to collect, recognise, reuse, recycle and create new objects from plastic wrapping, following the conversion process from waste to new product.

Inside the food & beverage area we also installed cigarette collection corners that, thanks to a QR code, told the story of the process to transform cigarette ends that are thoroughly cleaned and turned into a plastic polymer that can be used in various sectors, from street furniture to glasses frames, and much more besides.

The year 2022 saw the beginning of a long-term partnership in which Rebrain will join Videocittà as Sustainability Partner.


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